Why We Do This

Most women begin their day by looking in the mirror. And unfortunately, most women either walk away with negative thoughts about their reflection or doing their best not to think about it at all. We want to change that. While that may seem an impossible thing to completely turn around, we want to give women a new way to see themselves and their bodies. Sometimes it takes seeing yourself through someone else's eyes to have that chance. It was around 9 years ago when we (Shannon and Joel) shot our first boudoir session together. Even though we had been photographers for a long time, we had no idea what we were doing. Having both come from very modest and conservative families where sexy photos and nudity were not something that was celebrated or even allowed, it was hard to not feel like we were doing something wrong. Something...tabboo. Well, we buckled up, braced for impact, and jumped right in. Joel might have been especially nervous. But, even though it was weird going into it, once we were there we knew right away how much we were going to love it. We had someone in front of us who wanted to do something fun for her fiance, but after talking we realized that she definitely needed a confidence boost. This was not just about a gift for him...it was something she needed for herself. After we saw the look on her face when she saw the finished photos, we were sold. We were meant to do this.

Meet Joel & Shannon

Hello! We are Shannon and Joel Conner, and we are a crazy pair that have been married since 2010. We live in a small house with our two kids and our fours cats (which yes...is a lot of cats). Since that day of our first boudoir session so many years ago, we have photographed hundreds of women, and our goal each time is the same. We give 100% of who we are to both give our clients the best and most enjoyable experience possible while creating images that reshape how they view themselves.  We each do that in slightly different ways. Shannon's focus is usually on getting deep with our ladies...talking about their fears and hopes and concerns and working to show them how beautiful they truly are. She digs in with our ladies to truly know and hear them. Her work is often more light and beautiful and stunning. Joel's focus is on helping our ladies relax and have fun and let go of their cares. He is an incredible encourager and helps our ladies relax like no one else can. He is also an very creative photographer, and his work tends to be more artsy, dynamic, and dramatic. With either one of us, though, you are going to have an amazing experience and walk away feeling like a changed person.

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